Friday, March 18, 2011

Next DM Meetup: Tuesday, April 5 @ Three Monkeys Bar

By an overwhelming majority of votes, the next DM Meetup will be Tuesday, April 5th. (I'm hilarious, 75% of the 4 votes were for the 5th, and I know for a fact the voter for the 12th was doing it just to have some "competition". Hooray for voting!)

If anyone has the current 2nd years' email addresses, please forward them this post and let them know they are invited. The first years are invited, too, but I imagine they might not be ready for some of us alumni :)

Three Monkeys
236 W 54th St

(between Broadway & 8th Ave)

A slightly non-cool area but the Happy Hour drink specials sound good and the place doesn't sound like it'll be raucous. They also serve dinner, which if you're hungry, should be a good thing.

PS I won't be in the city in April so make sure you let Kari know if you have any questions. She'll be picking the place and date for May, too.

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