Thursday, February 17, 2011

Next DM Meetup, Tuesday, March 8th 7-9pm

We're going to try the Breslin Bar again. If anyone can get there a wee bit early to try to snag a table, I was told there are tables "upstairs" and that would make meeting at the Breslin a nice time.

If that doesn't work out, and it's too crowded again, we can meet up in the Ace Hotel lobby.

(If you haven't been to the Ace Hotel yet, or tried Stumptown Coffee, my god DO get the coffee. Frickin' wonderful coffee experience. So smooth, tasty, and balanced.)

Tuesday, March 8th
Breslin Bar
28th St at Broadway, inside Ace Hotel

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

February meetup at Breslin was good

A low turnout didn't keep the night from being a good time at the Breslin. Our intrepid alums recommended that whoever arrives early, next time, should try to grab a table upstairs since The Breslin Bar is noisy and crowded. They ended up in the Ace Hotel lobby, which isn't a bad place to hang out since it's chic/urban/hipster/man/western style is appealing and the lower-lighting is more conducive to  swapping stories.

Anyway, the night was represented by these companies:

See you all next month on Tuesday, March 8th!

(Sorry you don't get to vote if you want to have it on Tuesday, March 1st. I'll be away and I am NOT missing yet another one of these, since they're fun!)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

February 8, next DM Meetup

Thanks for those of you who voted. All 6 of us, and an overwhelming majority picked next Tuesday.

See you next Tuesday, February 8th @ 7-9pm at the Breslin Bar

Breslin is participating in Restaurant Week and so may be busier than usual next week. No worries, show up anyway. I hear the cocktails are really great!