Wednesday, February 9, 2011

February meetup at Breslin was good

A low turnout didn't keep the night from being a good time at the Breslin. Our intrepid alums recommended that whoever arrives early, next time, should try to grab a table upstairs since The Breslin Bar is noisy and crowded. They ended up in the Ace Hotel lobby, which isn't a bad place to hang out since it's chic/urban/hipster/man/western style is appealing and the lower-lighting is more conducive to  swapping stories.

Anyway, the night was represented by these companies:

See you all next month on Tuesday, March 8th!

(Sorry you don't get to vote if you want to have it on Tuesday, March 1st. I'll be away and I am NOT missing yet another one of these, since they're fun!)

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  1. aw wish i could've joined! see you next month!