Saturday, March 12, 2011

March at The Breslin, no shows. Let's try for April @ Three Monkeys

No one was able to go this month, so let's try this again. I'll pick a new spot, maybe that'll help.

Three Monkeys
236 W 54th St
(between Broadway & 8th Ave)

A slightly non-cool area but the Happy Hour drink specials sound good and the place doesn't sound raucous. They also serve dinner, which if you're hungry, should be a good thing.

Please vote, to your right on this blog, for which date in April.


  1. Hey, why not invite the current students too? That might get the attendance up. A suggestion from an alum who has yet to make one of the meetings... :)

    Bill Schroeder

  2. Great suggestion. Anyone have their email addresses or know who could invite them on our behalf?